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Manage the content of your own web site.

Let us set up the basic web site for you, based on your design requests and business requirements. We set up the site so you can immediately use it, and when you need basic changes such as changes to sales dates, price or product changes, or just text or image changes on your web site, you can do it using our easy-to-use Page Content Editor. If you can create a letter in a word processing application, you can do this!

Our powerful servers host your web site so you don't have to worry about IT infrastructure and all the costs that go with it. It's easy to use and easy to get started. Call us. 250 914-0434
Why Use InPrint Media's CMS?
• You get your own custom URL
• Manage your content any time, instantly making real-time changes to your web site
• Reduce the cost of your web site operations
• Improve your ability to respond to to market conditions 
• Use your web site to make money, not cost you money.  
The CMS Wizard can be installed as part of an existing website, or it can form the core of a new or replacement web site. And like all good CMS systems, it fully integrates with most web components and widgets, and can be designed to your exact specifications. 

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